Friday, December 18, 2009

prayer request

hello all!
it´s christmas time! i love this time of year so much! the christmas songs on the radio, the lights reflecting off the puddles (let´s face it, the willamette valley doesn´t typically have snow this time of year), and one of my favorite parts is the advent candles in church on sunday. all of this helps prepare me for the day. for the celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus. He loved, and he lived, and he lives on amongst us through the Holy Spirit manifested in us.
all this to say...i don´t feel very christmas-y yet. we have not sang a single Christmas hymn in church, nor even mentioned that Christmas is approaching. and i have been getting sick lately (which i am not accostumed to). i´ve spent the past day and a half laifd up in bed, and should still be there i imagine, but...the point is this: please pray for our whole team. we´re all struggling being away from family at this time of year. traditions don´t make Christmas, for that matter, neither does family, but we miss them more accutely right now. also, pray for our health. we seem to be taking turns getting sick...and that makes us a bit grumpy:)
Merry Christmas everyone! i hope to write again soon! thanks for your prayers!


  1. I'll be praying for you. I know my first Christmas away from home and family and snow... stuck looking at lights in puddles (lol) was tough. It's hard starting new traditions and changing old ones. I bet it's especially hard in a foreign country.

    I hope our Christmas card finds you and brings a smile to your face! The title of the card is joy, and I hope it brings you joy.

    We will miss you this Christmas!

  2. I am praying for you, Girl! I love you and wish that I could sing you a Christmas carol right now:)