Friday, December 4, 2009

Puerto Maldonado

I am supposed to be writing for my 3 church sites, but I already wrote for them and thought I´d saved them on the USB, but I guess I didn´ I´m going to take the time to write a wee bit here instead...

Just over 1 month ago, Andrew and I (the first 4040´s) arrived early to Puerto Maldonado. Daddy and Andrew´s mom had come down to complete the construction process of our home and do some on the field witnessing (impact). The Smith family came a couple days later, and the rest of the group followed week after.

The time spent with Daddy here was incredible. It passed as if it were a dream and before I could really enjoy it or believe it, it was already time for him to leave. We had a wonderful time though-he found a wonderful icecream place that we frequented daily, and explored the market thoroughly. We became pro´s at hailing motorcycles for taxis and just hopping on the back. It was beautiful to have Daddy here, but it passed so fast. Then I woke up from my dream and began the marathon that we are running as if it were a sprint.

Ana and I are learning more about each other every day. Tuesdays through Sundays we go to people´s businesses and homes and share with them the love of God. It is truly amazing to me how they are so accepting of what we have to say. They already believe the Bible is Truth, and regardless of whether or not they have a relationship with Christ, they value the Bible and treat it with utmost respect. The people are open to listen and learn from us. We alternate amongst 7 Junio, Crosby, and Circunvilacion, and try to make sure that we visit each location a minimum of 2 times every week.

We leave at 8:45am and come home around 11:15, and go out again at 2:45 and return around 5:15. These hours are set because we don´t want to be coming around during meal times or while they are trying to get their kids off to school. When they would like to begin the disciplship process, we come at whatever time they ask of us. Some people have us come at 7 or 8 in the evening.

In a quick word, that´s what we´re up to. I´ll be managing 3 other sites with information about each specific location. Thank you for your prayers and support. Honestly we couldn´t do this without God´s strength each and every day.

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