Saturday, January 2, 2010

so Christmas passed, and now the New Year has begun. wow. am i ready?
new years eve was passed in the church. from 8 till 12:30 we were singing songs, listening to pastor plan the following year, reading the Bible, and listening to pastor talk some more. one of our peruvian partners described it this way ¨christians go pray while the world is happy (aka has fun).¨ i would be lying to say it was not the way i would have chosen to bring in the new year:) but, it was a good thing.
pastor did say something that really hit a nerve that night. lately, i`ve been so... proud (?) of myself for coming to peru. i mean, look, i gave up my life as i knew it, all for GOD. i broke up with a man i would have been honored to spend the rest of my life with because i found that my focus was split. i don`t get to spend important days with my family. i miss out on so much. i learned spanish and attempt to share Christ with others in the way i learned. wow. this year was full. good job!
but now it`s a new year. blank slate. what i did last year, doesn`t count in this one. what am i doing now? how am i going to serve God in this capacity? because this is where i am.

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