Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the boys are back in town:)

Ok, I wanted to talk more about when Tim and Jared being down here too.

The boys wanted to see the river, so one day Ana, Carmen, Elisa, Jared, Tim and I set out to accomplish their mission. It was raining pretty hard that morning, so we took the opportunity to introduce the boys to Texas for breakfast. The loved it and made it their other home for the week they were here. When the rain finally seized, we took 2 moto-taxis down to the Port in Belen. Little did we realize there are 3 ports in Belen….so we arrived at different places. Jared, Ana and I were in one taxi and Jared and I both had our cells. Tim, Elisa and Carmen were in the other taxi and none of them had cells…so we were basically completely separated in the worst part of town with no means of intercommunication. The police soon happened upon our location and said that there were some guys getting ready to assault us, so we should probably move out. We took their advice, and went to a different port that was bigger and more well known (why our taxi driver didn’t take us there first I don’t know).

When we got to the other port, some of the boat people said that they had seen “2 chicas y un joven gringo” (2 girls and a white boy) walk the other way, and one of them took off to find them. We waited and soon enough the boat man came back with the missing people. We took his boat as a thank you for finding our friends, but his boat was pretty…small. And it didn’t have any form of roof covering. So, when it started to rain after we had been out on the river for maybe 10 minutes, we got nice and wet. Not gonna lie, I was a little bit nervous because I had this image in my head of a HUGE storm coming on really fast and the rain filling up the boat. I’m sure it’s impossible for that to happen, but it was a thought in my head.

Another day while the boys were here, we went to Quistocoche (it’s like a zoo/wildlife safari thing). I’ve gone one other time and pet the Tigrillo and held the snake (did I tell you about that?). This time, I got to pet a bufeo!!! It’s a pink river dolphin. He was so cute! And the most exciting thing is that we pet him!!! Carmen was so excited! Haha, it was cute. After we looked at all the animals (Jared having a stare down contest with a small puma, and both boys about peeing their pants because they were too close to snakes) we went swimming. The girls have never had male friends from the States before and this time together was really impressionable for them. Thanks guys for being so stellar and giving the girls such great memories and pictures of American boys! Elisa still talks about the shark, and Carmen and her both talk about how “bien chevere” you guys are.

It was a sad day in the neighborhood when the boys left.

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