Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guess what we did!!!

July 18

Callie, Wendy, and I went to see manatees!! We got to bottle feed one of them and pet them. They’re soft/rubbery/firm. Their little noses are soooo cute!!! I think it would be a good idea to invest in a manatee for the church…maybe as a ministry outreach program…I’ll admit right now that it is a purely selfish and not completely ministry related thought. I just think manatees are beautiful.

These manatees are at a reserve type thing. Lots of the native people in Peru see manatees as “evil” and like to kill them for no reason. Because of this, their numbers are dwindling. This Preserve nurses sick ones back to health. It’s cool. They’re working with a zoo in…I think it was Texas.

We’re totally bringing the whole gang here next week.

July 20

Happy Anniversary to me!! I’ve been living in Peru for 5 months today!!

Brad Hunt is my hero for the week! He is giving us beautiful floors. Rather than the cement that comes up every time you sweep the floor, we are going to have ceramic tiles!! Last week some guys came in and put up false ceilings. This will help dramatically with the heat and make it a lot quieter when it rains. We’ve had just a tin roof that is very loud and makes our room an oven. We painted our walls too. They were this old dirty yellow—peeling in some areas, bare in others—but now they are a lovely salmon (we wanted a nice orange (cream-cycle, or a soft melon, but this is as close as Brad could find in Iquitos). Not what we were expecting, but it looks fresh and clean.

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  1. love to hear form you! i think i get to come visit in october! i hope so at least. miss you guys!