Sunday, March 1, 2009


You know that feeling when your heart suddenly thuds and your eyes fill with tears, and your emotions become clearly visible to the world? Being who I am, I tend to feel that way often. But that is beside the point. I experienced that today.

After church, Kindra, Gladys, Reuben (ex taxi cab driver, works for Extreme, incredible Christian man, fabulous father and husband), John (music leader and fantastic gentleman), Medalit (works for Extreme as well—takes care of everyone’s children and is the only one of the Peruvians that work with Extreme that speaks any English), Carlita (precious teenage girl that goes to our church), Pastora (don’t know who she is really—a female pastor that reminded me of a cross between Pastor Vicki and Pastor Sherry) and I piled in the car and went up to Vedoya. They were celebrating their anniversary of being a community with many flags over every establishment. It is set on the very outskirts of Arequipa and in the states it would hardly be called an established town. The smell of chicken poop was very strong.

Lots of people were dressed in bright colors and in traditional ‘garb’ and were practicing their cultural dances. It was really beautiful. I guess Rueben was more accustomed to it than me, because he didn’t even slow down to look. He just kept on going.

John hooked up the megaphone system and the children’s music and I danced around while they called the children to us. Gladys and Reuben said I looked like I was hopped up on Red Bull:) hahaha, little do they know, that’s the only way I know how to dance! Children came! Lots of them. They were beautiful. Muy Linda.

Once the children were gathered, Pastora told the kids a story about Jesus and led them in a prayer. Then we handed out gifts sent by the Salvation Army. Basically they were Christmas Shoeboxes. The kids loved them.

I’m going out with them to do it again next week. Maybe I’ll know more Spanish and will be able to ask the kids more than just their names and how they’re doing.


  1. That sounds like your kind of day! It looks cold. love ya,Mom

  2. Beautiful pictures. And thanks for finally folowing my blog.