Sunday, March 1, 2009

So, I took pictures on my camera, but don't have my camera with me to put them on my someday, I'll let you all see what I am up to:)

Yay!! The rest of the Estados Unidos 40/40 people are here. It makes life so much fun! Callie Pugel and Wendy Sheets arrived early early (5:30 am) on Wednesday and Andrew Kendall arrived at the same time on Thursday. I love having other young people with me--that aren't married with children. Don't get me wrong, I love married people, and children, and people with children; but quite often they don't want to/or are unable to go out and do the same things single people anyway, I just love my team!

We’re getting along really well and are having a good time hanging out and exploring Arequipa. On Thursday, we were in El Centro, at Plaza de Armas, in front of this massive beautiful cathedral and a huge fountain and were eating ice cream cones. I'm not sure what sparked it but laughed for at least a half hour straight. My sides were hurting so bad after!

Friday, we went to Saga—It’s the most American place in town. They have a department store similar to Macy's, a Payless Shoes, and KFC, Burger King, and Pizza hut. (It was totally shocking to find these common things here. I think that once we're in Pucallpa and Puerto Maldonado, we won't have these things anymore). We were wandering around and for some reason I got the giggles and then we were all laughing, and then random Peruvians were just walking by laughing at us for laughing so much. Laughter is good for the soul. And it also helps build the bonds of friendship.

Yesterday, it was just us three girls (because Andrew went to a soccer game with his host family) and we walked from our houses to El Centro and on to Plaza Vea. It was a lot of fun and exciting because it all a guess as to whether or not we were going the right way. But we were! We felt so smart:)

I'm beginning to recognize when the taxi is getting close to my house and give directions such as "derecho" (straight) "derecha" (right) "izquierda" (left). Familiarity of surroundings is such a comforting thing.

Today, I'm going to church and then to Chiklio--not sure exactly what it is, but my understanding is that it is a neighborhood with lots of children who need help. So, I'm going there with Kindra and Gladys. Gladys works with Extreme and is an absolute dear. She doesn't speak english, but I think we're friends. She holds my hand a lot.

I am so thankful for my dear friend Kindra who allows me to come over and use her internet and her phone.

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